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BoldBrush Artful Alerts - Promote Mode

BoldBrush Artful Alerts can be sent even if you don't upload new work

Historically, our Get BoldBrush Artful Art Alerts feature has only sent email notifications to your followers when you uploaded new work.

Now, even if you don't upload any new art for 2 weeks, your followers can still receive an alert with your oldest piece.* This will happen automatically (if you take the steps).

*Well, it actually sends your oldest upload; it doesn't know when you created it, even if you added the year in image details. 

Why your oldest piece you ask? Well, it's possible your followers have never seen it! It's only "old" to you; they just might fall in love and buy it on the spot. 😍 

Wanna try it? Here's how:

  • Login to your FASO Control Panel
  • Click the gear icon, top right, for Your Account Settings
  • Click Account Settings

  • Click Settings (under General Settings)*
  • Under Marketing, find New Art Alert Promote Mode
  • Click Edit

  • Check Yes
  • Click Save Setting
    (*This is like a test to see how many times the word "settings" can show in 1 FAQ.)

Here's a sample of a BoldBrush Artful Alert (aka Art Alert):

(Want to exclude an artwork? Click here for how to change the Visibility)

Wisdom from the "Powers that Be" 

Our system may include your Sold work when sending these artful alerts. Here's why, paraphrased from Clint Watson, FASO Founder/CEO:

Your sold pieces can generate interest, even 'urgency' as they show that your work is in demand. Hence, it's recommended that you include your Sold artworks - with their happy red dots - with your available art.  Then collectors are more likely to buy... 

Click for an article by Clint Watson re using sold works as pillar paintings.

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