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Enhanced Shopping Cart Explained

Advanced eCommerce gives more options

Advanced eCommerce - using the Enhanced Shopping Cart - allows for extra features. It's available on our Gold and Platinum plans (plus Silver during the Covid-19 pandemic).

So you know...

The Enhanced Shopping Cart improves checkout flow, asking for customer info as part of that flow. 

Here are cool options you can add when it's enabled:

1. Abandoned Check-Out Emails
You receive notification when a purchase of your art isn't completed, so you can contact the buyer and finish the sale.

2. Discount Codes
Offer collectors a special code to get a discount on your work.

3. Newsletter Sign-Up During Checkout
When buying your art, collectors can subscribe to your mailing list in one easy click.

Here are the Steps - Two Settings Required:

A) Enhanced Shopping Cart

  • Login to FASO Control Panel
  • Click gear icon in upper row (hover shows Your Account Settings)
  • Click Account Settings
  • Click Settings
  • For Enhanced Shopping Cart (under Commerce), click Edit 

  • Check Yes
  • Click Save Setting

B) Advanced Ecommerce (Discounts,Code)

  • Take the same steps as above, for Advanced Ecommerce (Discounts, Code)

Now you can click the links up top to try out the new features. See how we are?

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