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Artful Mail Quick Start for Blog - Send Newsletter of Blog Content

The hard part is done by the FASO software in order to simplify this marketing tool for your benefit.

When you start a new blog post it will AUTOMATICALLY be set as a draft.
When you click on ADD or SAVE, you will see two options:

  • Yes, Publish Now
  • No, I am not ready to publish it (it will then remain in Private Drafts)

When you click Yes, Publish Now, your next step is to select what your blog post is about.

Click Submit.

Click Submit.

You will see the following marketing option:

  • Send as Artful Mail Newsletter?

When you select YES for Send as Artful Mail Newsletter?, the Artful Mail software will open a newsletter draft containing the blog text and the first image from your post.

The single image that is included is chosen from either:

  • the main blog image
  • the 1st image the software finds (that was entered into text editing content block).

Important Points to Keep in Mind

This Quickstart feature is not designed to setup and send the full post as a newsletter. The software is specifically designed to strip out any additional images in order to prevent formatting issues.

When the FASO software converts a blog post into a newsletter draft, the existing text will display in it's own content block. You can edit the text. There is no way to insert an image into the text block. 

You can add image content blocks above or below the text block as needed.

You can also choose to split the text into 2 text blocks. Then you would be able to insert a single image between the 2 text blocks.

NOTE: Blog Post Images added prior to April 2016 may not propagate due to updated software.


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