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How Best to Display a Magazine Article

The articles category has been created for displaying articles and publications you and your art have been featured in.

Some artists enjoying displaying the magazine cover while others simply use a snippet from the article showing the example of their work in the publication.

Following are some options for showing the magazine cover and the original article.

How to Show Magazine Cover

The best option is to scan the cover page of the magazine then upload the scanned image to your Non Art Images folder.

You can then display the image of the magazine cover along with a short excerpt of the article.  A portion of this text could be made clickable to open a PDF of the entire article.

NOTE: Scanned images need to follow the same guidelines as your artwork.   Images must be .JPG image files, in RGB mode and at least 1200 pixels in the largest dimension. 

How to Show Article

Option 1:
You may want to create and upload a PDF file. This will ensure that the article, when posted on your site, is large enough to be easily read.

See this FAQ: Add a PDF File to Your Website

If you are not familiar with creating a PDF file you can research it by typing convert to pdf in a search.

You will find numerous sites with ways to convert your files to PDF. 

Here is just one we found:
Convert Word to PDF (Free!)

Option 2:
Link to the article on the magazine's website if the article is still available for public viewing.

Get Started

Add the Articles Category to your Navigation Bar:

  • login to FASO account control panel
  • click on Edit Navigation Bar (left column)
  • click Articles (left column, Menu Item Options)
    simply clicking on Articles pops the Articles category into the right column (Menu Structure)
  • rearrange listing order in right column as needed (drag and drop)
  • Save

See this FAQ: Manage Your Site Menu / Edit Navigation Bar for additional assistance.

Add a new article to your Articles category:

  • from Home screen of FASO account control panel

  • click Articles (left column)
    click More Categories (left column) > Articles (right column)
  • click Add New (blue button)
  • enter as much info as you want
  • click Save Changes

To add images to the text editing screen see this FAQ: Add Image to Page with Text Editing Screen

For info on listing order see this FAQ: How do I use the Articles category?

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