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FAV Artist Spotlight ~ Boldbrush Sponsored Artists

The Artist Spotlight is part of our exclusive Sponsorship Program, for BoldBrush Signature artists. 

Sample article:
Artist Spotlight - Frank Ordaz

The Sponsorship Program is offered to all artists who have reached a high level of mastery and career achievements. It is not necessary to be a FASO member.

These achievements include but aren't limited to:

  • gallery representation
  • one-person show history
  • museum recognition
  • teaching influence (including how many artists cite them as an influence)
  • sales history and secondary market sales history
  • juried exhibition recognition
  • signature artist rights
  • press recognition
  • mastery of craft across 7+ dimensions 

The BoldBrush Artists program is comprised of 2 levels:

  • Signature Artist
  • Master Signature

The Sponsorship Program involves a strong reciprocal arrangement between BoldBrush and the sponsored artists. BoldBrush provides many promotional efforts (including the spotlight article). In return, the Signature Artist agrees to commit to several ongoing efforts for BoldBrush. 

Our BoldBrush Sponsorship team is always happy to be informed of new potential Sponsorship Artists. We invite you to send submissions (along with details supporting excellence in the factors mentioned above), to us at:
[email protected]

We are not simply a website hosting company. We believe our success depends on the success of our artist. The Artist Spotlight is just one part of our efforts to promote you and your artwork.

While this program is completely separate from FASO, there is a huge benefit to all FASO customers. The sponsorship program is aimed at continuing to move BoldBrush into higher and higher visibility among artists and art collectors (through our art publications, FineArtViews, InformedCollector and our social media channels (FacebookTwitterInstagramto name a few). 

The benefit of this to FASO customers is that we have built channels that can be used in marketing. For example, all FASO Gold plan members have their workshops, Gallery and Museum exhibits and Festivals and Open Studios promoted automatically.

To use a metaphor, BoldBrush is an "art magazine" and FASO is a promotion and advertising platform. As with all publication we try very hard to keep advertising and editorial separate. This is a huge advantage to FASO customers and, as far as we are aware, far beyond anything offered by other website hosting companies.


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