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Add a Personal Salutation (example - Dear Sallie)

To add a personal salutation on your newsletter:

First, add each subscriber's First Name to your subscriber list. 

  • FASO account control panel
  • click on Dragonfly/Newsletter Icon (upper row)
  • click on Subscribers (left column)
  • click Edit to the right of a subscriber
  • add first name to the First Name field
  • repeat for each subscriber
  • Save Changes

Hopefully, the majority of your subscribers will have entered their 1st name when filling out the Subscribe form when they signed up for your newsletter.

Second, add the salutation option to your newsletter.

When editing your newsletter draft, add the following where you want the salutation to appear:

For example if you want your newsletter to start out with Dear Hilary,
to the top of your 1st text block content area.

The newsletter program will automatically add each person's first name to the newsletter for any subscriber that has their first name added to your subscriber list.

When you use this option and add [FIRSTNAME] to your newsletter, the newsletter software will substitute the word Subscriber when no First Name is available for a subscriber. It will show as Dear Subscriber, in the newsletter they receive. 

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