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Add a Video to your Newsletter - Artful Mail 2

Any video that you create in -or upload to- YouTube can be added to your email newsletter.

So you know...

Videos don't really play in emails, which your newsletter basically is (there are a few exceptions actually).

When you add a video to a newsletter, you're really just adding an image that links to the video. There is no such thing as 'embedding' a video into an email, including the email newsletter. Email programs don't allow it.


Our email newsletter software supports YouTube but not Vimeo. Sorry about any inconvenience.

You need to use the specific Video-Link button to insert your video into your newsletter draft. This will insert a thumbnail of the video and link to it so that when people click on the image of your video they will be taken to either YouTube.


It becomes this:

Updated 05262020 jyc (orig 03232020)

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