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Newsletter Fonts - How to Edit

Artful Mail templates have 2 main text blocks:

  • heading blocks
  • paragraph blocks

The default font for both is Verdana.

The default font size for a heading block is 24px.
The default font size for a paragraph block is 15px.

Heading Block screenshot

Text Block screenshot

There are 2 ways to change the font family and font size.

in Text Box Content Section

  • from newsletter draft
  • activate a content section
  • highlight the text
  • in the small tool box above text box you will see font options for:
    font family (use down arrow)
    font size (use down arrow)
    color: the capital A's for Text Color and Text Background Color (use down arrow)
    Style: Bold, Italics, Underlined
    Alignment: Left, Center, Right, Justified
  • Edit your text using these tools
  • Save

in Edit Advanced Styles

  • in your newsletter draft
  • Click on Edit Advanced Styles (bottom of left column)
  • You will see 4 control boxes
    Content Styles
    Global Fonts
    Header Styles
    Footer Styles
  • click the + icon for Global Fonts to open the options
  • Use the controls to modify fonts for Heading Font and Body Font
  • click Apply when done

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