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New Artful Mail Editor ~ 2020

Our new Artful Mail Editor allows you to create a newsletter that fits your personal design needs.

When working with the editor, keep in mind that you want to add ROWS first and then add Content Blocks to each row. Once Content Blocks are in place, you then enter your content, whether it be text, images, buttons, social media icons, etc. into the individual Content Blocks.

This short video will guide you through the process:

The new newsletter editor is not compatible with an iPad. Please use the Classic Editor. In the newsletter software, click on Use Classic Newsletter Editor.

NOTE: This software is not compatible with the Classic Editor (Artful Mail 2).

If you create a newsletter with the the Classic Editor it can only be edited using the the Classic Editor.

The system will automatically figure out which version was used to create a newsletter draft and will automatically drop you into the correct version when editing a draft.

You can continue to create and send your newsletters using the Classic Editor. To access:

  • log into FASO account Control Panel
  • click Dragonfly/Newsletter icon (upper row)
  • click on New Newsletter (blue button) 
  • click on Use Classic Newsletter Editor (upper right)


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