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How to Disable and/or Opt Out of FASO Connect / BoldBrush Social

Social Network Activity Feed

FASO Connect / Boldbrush Social is a social network inside your FASO Account. 

We hope you choose not to disable the FASO BoldBrush Connect social network feed. Here's why:

1. Having it enabled doesn't affect your ability to manage and edit your site. All editing options are available in the top row of icons and left column.

2. We send useful marketing and educational info via the BoldBrush feed.

To disable the feed:

  • login to FASO account Control Panel
  • click on Gear icon (top right corner)
  • click Account Settings
  • click Labs
  • scroll down
  • click in the box to the left of Disable FASO Connect
  • click Save Changes

This option disables showing the social feed on the home screen of your FASO account control panel.

To prevent your artwork from appearing in the Boldbrush Social network, select Visibility Option: Your Website. You can do this in one of 2 ways.

1. From Individual artwork editing screen:

  • FASO account Control Panel
  • click on Artwork icon (upper row)
  • click on the image to open the editing screen
  • scroll down
  • for Visibility field, use the drop down arrow to select Your Website (visible only on your site)
  • Save Changes

2. Set the option in the Bulk editing screen:

  • FASO account Control Panel
  • click on Artwork icon (upper row)
  • click Edit all Artworks

  • for Visibility option, select Your Website
    (Visible Only on your website)
  • click Update


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