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Editing Limitations Using iPad, iPhone, Android

The issue with editing your website is not a result of any updates to our software, it's the limitation of editing on certain mobile devices such as iOS or Android. Likewise, when using the FASO app from your mobile device, there is no icon to upload directly to Images / Non-Art Images. You can upload to artwork and then move that image to non-art, or use your computer rather than mobile.

We not have a long-term solution at this time. The browsers for iPhone, iPad, Android etc are stripped down and don't do rich-text editing well. It's an issue with all mobile devices for all applications, not just FASO-related.

For you techie-types:

WYSIWYGs are seriously lacking on Mobile Safari across the board, due to a lack of features in the browser.

Mobile Safari's HTML 5 implementation doesn't support the content editable attribute, so the majority of the better WYSIWYG rich text editors (TinyMCE, FCKEditor, YUI's RTE) are disabled on the iPad and other iOS devices for now.

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