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FASO Connect ~ BoldBrush Social Network

Our own BoldBrush social media, also known as FASO Connect, is a social network built into your FASO account so you can connect with art lovers, collectors and other artists.

This art-focused social network is where people can actually focus on art. Your posts won't have to compete with cute cat videos (which we love!), political rants, and off-color animations like they do on Facebook. Facebook is like a frat party, whereas FASO Connect is like a gallery hosting a group art show.

For a detailed article about it's launch, please see:
Introducing BoldBrush, Social Networking by FASO

How It Works

FASO Connect appears on the home screen of your FASO account Control Panel. 

It includes:

  • a daily digest of any artwork you've recently uploaded
  • useful marketing and educational information from FASO
  • recent artwork by any artists you follow
  • other artwork that your favorite artists have Liked

When you click your name, upper right corner, your FASO Connect profile comes up.

To Share a Photo

You will see Share a Photo either on the Activity screen  (top left of control panel) or on the home screen of your control panel just below:
What you are seeing below is our inspiring Art-Focused Social Media.

Click on Share a Photo


Want to check out various other artists? 

Click on Discover in the top black bar of your Control Panel, towards the left. 

Follow any artists you want. 

You'll receive a daily email with new artwork uploaded the day before by all artists you follow, plus any comments or Likes they've made.

You can use the Discover link to follow, like, and comment on other artists' work.

The artists who appear in the Discover section change over time, based on activity in the network. If you want to get featured there, it's time to rev up your FASO Connect activity!

Notification Emails

Artist Following YOU and the FASO Notification Email

When someone elects to follow you on FASO Connect, an automated email is sent to you from FASO.com Notifications. The email contains the name of the person following you and links to their website. 

Whenever you add new artwork to your FASO account control panel, the person following you will see it from the live art stream in their control panel.

NOTE: You will not receive notification if and when someone stops following you.

To Turn Off Email Notifications

When you receive an email notification, there is also a link within the email to turn those emails off. Just click on that link.

Once you click the link in the email, you will be able to toggle notifications on and off as desired as follows:

  • FASO account control panel
  • click your name, upper right
  • select Account Settings
  • click Email Notifications
  • click Edit
  • for Send me an email when this happens, choose YES to resume
  • Choose NO to stop
  • Save Changes

NOTE: Nothing shows in the Email Notifications section until you have actively clicked the link in the Follow email.

This Email Notifications section is where email [artist following you] notifications display when you choose NO for email notifications  

You can also see notifications by clicking on little red bell icon in upper right of control panel (to the right of your name).


You can also click Activity to see new artwork from artists you follow, plus your own. You can see who has Liked or commented on a piece, and you can Like and add comments yourself.

Your art will not show in another artist's Control Panel unless they're following you. If someone Likes your artwork, then their followers will see that Liked piece in their Control Panel. In addition, your new images will show in the Discover section mentioned above, and also from your Focal Point Page in our Artist Directory.

By the way, anyone can make comments on your work, even if they are not following you. If they find your FASO Connect feed (using the Activity link for example), even if they do not click to Follow you, they can still make comments on your work that you see in your feed.

Also, clicking on the name of someone who has commented on your work in your FASO Connect feed, will take you to THEIR feed.

How to Follow and Unfollow an Artist

Click Here for the article that includes screenshots:
How to Follow Another Artist on FASO

In order to follow an artist, the person following needs to be in our system as well as the artist.  This is how all social networks work (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

  • log into your FASO account Control Panel
  • click the Discover 
  • type in the artist's name. You can also click the Follow link on any of the suggested artist names
  • click on their name or bio pic to see their profile page

You can also do the following to follow an artist:

  • You must be logged into to your FASO account control panel
  • Go to the FASO.com, click on Artist Websites
  • Locate the artist you wish to follow
  • Click on the thumbnail image in the listing
  • Click on Follow button

To see how many artists you follow and how many follow you, click on your name in the upper right corner of your Control Panel.

To Unfollow an artist, click on the artist's name, then click the ‘Following’ button to unfollow.

You can also do the following to Unfollow:

  • You must be logged into to your FASO account control panel
  • Go to the FASO.com, click on Artist Websites
  • Locate the artist you wish to unfollow
  • Click on the thumbnail image in the listing
  • Click on Following button to access Unfollow button
  • click on Unfollow

Enable and Disable

To enable FASO Connect on your account (if it's not already):

  • login to FASO account Control Panel
  • click the gear icon (upper right corner)
  • click Account Settings
  • click Labs (lower left)
  • check Enable FASO Connect
  • click Save Changes

Having FASO Connect enabled does not impact your ability to manage or edit your website.

Click here to see how to disable FASO connect.

Your Uploaded Artwork Images

The images you upload that show in your control panel home screen (your FASO Connect feed) can only be seen by people who are following you. They will not show in someone else's Home screen unless that person is following you. 

Your uploaded images will show in the Discover link, and from your profile page as accessed from the FASO.com Artist Directory, when one clicks on More Info on {{your name}} FASO Connect profile.

Regular visitors to your website, i.e. people who have not clicked to follow you, will NOT see the images that are in your FASO Connect stream.

If you do not want an image to show in your feed, simply click Activity in the top of your control panel, then click the X in the upper right of the post to delete it.

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