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How do I set my FASO Connect status?

Change / Edit / Update Status

Here are some articles about FASO Connect, our new BoldBrush Social Network.

FineArtViews article introducing FASO’s new BoldBrush Social network (FASO Connect)

How to Follow another artist

To change your FASO Connect status:

  • login to FASO account Control Panel

You should see the FASO Connect activity stream in the middle of your screen.

See below if you have chosen to hide FASO connect *

Right above the first entry you'll see a text box with a button to Update Status below it:

  • select/highlight What's on your mind? and replace with your thoughts
  • click Update Status when finished

* If you have removed the Social Feed from your control panel:

  • login to your FASO account Control Panel
  • click Activity - top left, next to Help
  • in the text box, highlight What's on your mind? and type your status
  • click Update Status when finished

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