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Use Books Category & Add Buy Now Buttons

How to add your books and use PayPal for online sales

The Books Category is included on the Silver Plan and above:

  • Silver plan includes up to 2 books
  • Gold and Platinum plans includes an unlimited number of books

Books are listed in alphabetical order. For more info see this FAQ: How do I change the order of Books on my site?

You can include DVDs on your Books category page.

Set Up Books and Generate PayPal Buy Now Buttons

You need to be using a Generation 3 template in order for the Buy Now buttons to show automatically on your books. If you're using an older template, now's the time for your free upgrade. 

See our FAQ: How do I change my template?

1. Connect to Paypal

Make sure that you have attached your PayPal account to your website. For How To, see this FAQ: 
How do I use PayPal and add Buy Now buttons?

2. Upload Image of Book or DVD to Artwork Folder

  • From your FASO account control Panel
  • click on Upload Art Now (red button, upper right)

  • follow the prompts
  • edit image info
  • include a valid Retail Price for the RetailPrice field
  • for Availability option, set as Available
  • Save Changes

For more info on uploading, see this FAQ: How do I upload images of my artwork?


  • In order for an automated Buy Now button to appear on your book listing, your book image must contain purchasing data. 
  • If your image is in Images folder (non art), move it to Artwork portfolio (click on Move this image into your artwork portfolio), make edits listed above, then move back to Images folder (click on Take out of art portfolio and move to images).

3. Add Info about Book or DVD to Book Category

  • login to FASO account Control Panel
  • click More Categories (left column)
  • click Books (right-hand column in blue)
  • click Add New
  • enter title of book and a description
  • for Image of Book, click Choose an Image to find visually or use drop-down to select by title
    NOTE: selecting an image for Image of Book field is what enables the automatic buy now button
  • click Show Advanced Commerce Settings
  • add Retail Price
  • add Shipping Amount Override (if needed)
  • add Shipping Discount Percent (if needed)
  • change Number Available for Sale to more than 0
  • click Add & Save Now

4. Add Book Category to Navigation Bar

  • from FASO account control panel
  • click Edit Navigation Bar (left column)
    Navigation Menu (left column)
    (they go to the same screen)

  • in the left column, under Menu Item Options, click Books
    Simply clicking on Books adds Books to the bottom of the list in the right column, the Menu Structure.
  • Save

To rearrange the order of the navigation bar categories, click on a category name and drag the category up or down in the right, Menu Structure, column.

For more assistance, see this FAQ:
Manage Your Site Menu / Edit Navigation Bar

5. Optional: Enable 1-Click access to a Single Book

The initial opening page for Books (yourdomainname.com/books) is setup to create a listing, of sorts, displaying a list of multiple books that are being offered for sale.

If you have only one book (multiple copies of a single title), you may want to consider grabbing the URL for the individual book's listing page that opens when the book link is clicked from the books overview page. Then add that url to a Custom Link in Navigation bar in place of the Books Category.

Here's how:

  • go to your book page on your live website
  • click on More Details or More Info (the wording depends on template)
  • copy the URL (web address) from the address bar of your browser. It will look something like this:

go back to your FASO account control panel:

  • click Edit Navigation Bar (left column)
  • click Custom Link (left column) which adds the custom link to the right column
  • click on Custom Link (right column) to open editing options
  • below Navigation Label, replace the word Link with the name of your book, or just Book for example
  • below that, under URL, replace the web address that shows with the URL you copied (highlight the existing url and paste in the new url)
  • click on Books (right column) (not shown in screenshot)
  • below that, click Remove (not shown in screenshot)
  • click YES, REMOVE IT! (blue link) (not shown in screenshot)
  • click Save (green button top right)

Examples using the Books category to offer multiple books:

Examples using the Enable 1-Click access to a Single Book option shown above:


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