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Add a PDF File to Your Website

Upload a PDF file:

  • login to FASO account Control Panel
  • click gear icon (top right)
  • click Account Settings
  • click File Manager (bottom left)
  • click Upload a file
  • click Choose files to select a PDF file from your computer or drag-and-drop a file into the box
  • click Upload (blue button - lower right)
  • Once the PDF file is uploaded, copy the URL

If you receive a Secure Connection Failed error message, your file is most likely too large. Our current limit for uploading files is 30MB.

Insert the PDF file link onto a page:

  • go to home screen of FASO control panel
  • in left menu bar, click on the category page you want to add the file to (or click More Categories to access the page)
  • enter text in the text box area such as Click Here for Article
  • select/highlight the text
  • click the chain-link icon in the toolbar above - says Insert/edit link when hovered over
  • A new screen pops up
  • for Link URL, paste in the url of your PDF file
  • click Insert
  • click Save Changes

Video Tutorial

If you need help creating a pdf file, click here for wikiHow to Create PDF Files.

Combine multiple documents into one PDF file.

If your pdf files are on multiple pages and you use Adobe for your pdf files, this article explains how to merge multiple pages into one pdf file. 

Combining multiple documents into one PDF file.

If you are able to merge several pages into one pdf file, then you'll only need to add one link to your page.


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