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How Do I Set Up and Use the Galleries Category?

This category is generally used for listing brick and mortar galleries where your work is exhibited.

Example: Keith Bond's Galleries page.

The number of galleries you can list on your website is dependent upon your FASO Membership Plan:

  • Intro allows for 2 gallery listings
  • Silver allows for 3 gallery listings 
  • Gold and Platinum allow for unlimited gallery listings

A new Gallery Listing can be added:

  1. from the Gallery Category in your control panel
  2. from the editing page for a specific piece of art

Add a gallery using Gallery Category

  • login to FASO account Control Panel
  • click More Categories (left column)
    NOTE: If you have added Galleries to your Navigation Bar, click on Galleries in left column instead of More Categories.
  • click Galleries (right column under Gold Level Categories)
  • click Add New (blue button)
  • enter as much information as you can
  • select the Representation Type
    • Permanent (you are represented by the gallery on a regular basis)
    • Temporary (you are participating in a special, one time show at the gallery)
    • Studio
  • add a Representation Note if so desired - this is NOT displayed on your website
  • for Show on Your Site's Galleries Page choose "Yes" to show, "No" to hide
  • enter the URL of Gallery's Website
    NOTE: The best way to enter the correct url is to open the gallery's website. Copy the address that appears in the address bar (Ctrl/C). Go back to your FASO control panel and paste (Ctrl/V) the full url into the URL of Gallery's Website field.
  • click Add & Save Now (blue button)

There are Help Bubbles on the screen for more info.

Add a Gallery from Edit Artwork Screen

  • login to FASO account Control Panel
  • click on the artwork thumbnail (left column) or the word Edit (right column)
  • scroll down to Gallery ID
  • click on the Add New Gallery button to the right
  • enter the needed information
  • Click on Add and Save Now

Regardless of how a new gallery listing is added, the gallery will be available from the drop down option to the right of Gallery ID when editing artwork data.

Edit a Gallery Listing

You'll need to access the Galleries Category in your control panel as follows:

1. If Galleries is listed in your navigation bar, click on Galleries in left column to open the edit page

2. If Galleries is not listed in your navigation bar, click on More Categories, then click on Galleries (blue link in right column) .

How Galleries are Listed on Live Website

The Galleries page is set up to list your galleries in alphabetical order on your website.

If you have multiple galleries and have selected the Representation Type, the galleries will be sorted together and listed alphabetically with:

  • Permanent ones first
  • then Studio
  • then Temporary

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