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Hide a Gallery from your Live Gallery Page

You have the option to hide an art gallery so that it does not show on your live website. The Galleries section in the control panel has three fields:

  1. Representation_Type  (Permanent, Temporary, Studio)
  2. Representation_Note  (Free form note)
  3. Show_On_Galleries_Page  ("Yes" to show, "No" to hide)

There are HELP bubbles on the editing screen that are in place to assist you in deciding which option to choose.

The Galleries will be sorted together (meaning the permanent ones first, then studio, then temporary) on the site if you choose a representation type.

The exception is that any galleries with Show_On_Galleries_Page set to No, will not show on your website's Gallery page.

The intent is to keep temporary gallery representation and studios off the Galleries page, but to allow you to use them on individual artworks for contact info.


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