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Add a Custom Logo in Place of Navigation Heading

Replace Navigation Heading

One way to make your site look unique is to replace your navigation heading with a custom logo. Doing this one thing will change the whole look of your site.

Create your logo or have your graphic designer make the logo.

1. Create a .jpg image file of your logo in the exact size that you wish it to appear. 

The logo feature uses the full size image.

The perfect size of your image file depends on your template. For starters, try 600 pixels (px) wide and 100 pixels tall. If the first image you upload doesn't fit nicely, you can upload a second image of a slightly different size. 

Exceptions: On some of the templates - Norman, Luminous Links, Striking Studio -  your logo will need to fit in the smaller space above the Navigation Heading. A good size to try for these templates is 250px wide by 30px tall.

You can find a handy tool for converting inches to pixels here:
Inchs to Pixels (Y) Conversion CalculatorArtwork Availability Options

2. Use the same background color for your logo as the background color of your website.

Important: Although your logo may have a transparent background in your Photoshop .psd file, when you save it as a .jpg (in order to upload it to your FASO control panel), your photo-editing software will always add a white background to the .jpg file unless otherwise specified.

Upload your logo (.jpg image) file to the Images (non-art) folder:

  • from FASO account Control Panel
  • click Images icon (upper row)
  • click Add a New Non-Art Image
  • follow the prompts

Place logo on your site:

  • click Design icon (upper row)
  • click Advanced (faint link, top right)
  • click Add or Change Your Website's Logo
  • click Choose an Image (or Change Image) to find your logo visually
  • click on the drop-down arrows to find by title
  • click Save Changes



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