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Advanced eCommerce - Custom Code Injection

Want to track events and people who put something in your shopping cart? Now you can. 

If you've added Facebook Pixel code, we automatically include that on your shopping cart page and you're all set.

For more advanced code (or you want to add specific Facebook Pixel events in your code), we have added a new Shopping Cart - Advanced Code Injection area in the Commerce section of your FASO Control Panel.

This feature is available to all FASO Gold plan and higher members.


During the  CoronaVirus pandemic, we are temporarily making this feature available to Silver plan members as well.

Here's what to do:

A) Get and copy your code (from Facebook)

B)  Login to your FASO Control Panel and:

  • Click Commerce (upper row on right - looks like a shopping cart) 
  • Click Shopping Cart- Advanced Code Injection
  • Paste your code in the text box below Cart Code
  • Click Save Changes

Not sure what this is all about? See:

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Updated 07142020 | 20200506 jyc

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