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How do I change the appearance or text on my Paypal Buy Now buttons?

You can easily adjust the look of your Buy Now buttons. We offer 4 button options and 3 choices of wording.

  • Login to your FASO account control panel
  • Click the Commerce shopping cart icon (upper right)
  • Next to Purchase Button Style,' select the button style you want from the drop-down
  • Next to Purchase Button Text, select the text you want on your button (the options are 'Buy Now,' 'Purchase,' or 'Add to Cart')
  • If you want your buttons to match your site colors, select 'Yes' next to Match Purchase Button Color To Site (some people like contrasting, neutral buttons so they choose not to 'match' the site)
  • Save Changes

Some things to remember:

If you choose a button style of 'Paypal Classic' or 'Paypal Modern,' you can't match your site colors because the buttons will use Paypal branded colors. Some people like using Paypal buttons because they feel people trust them, since they are common on the web.

If you want to match your site colors, choose the 'small' or 'large' button style.

If you choose 'Paypal Classic' the only text option available is 'Buy Now.'

See this article for more info and screenshots:
More Choices Available for Your PayPal Buy Now Buttons

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