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How do I sell prints or notecards?

Our artists have approached offering prints or notecards in several ways.

  1.  Some artists choose to have a collection setup for cards/prints.
  2.  Some artists choose to have a separate info page for cards/prints.
  3.  Some artists choose to add info about availability of cards/prints in the comment box for the work.
  4.  Other artists prefer to use a Print on Demand service.
  5.  Some artists choose to use a custom shopping cart created in their PayPal accounts which enables them to offer multiple sizes from a drop down menu.
  6. Others have listed print info in their Collection Description Box.

 Detailed info on each method is listed below.

Option 1 - Set up a Collection for Cards/Prints

  • from your FASO account control panel
  • click on Artwork icon (top row)
  • click Add/Edit Collections
  • click Create Collection button

  • Type in the Name of your Collection

  • Save changes
  • click Add Artwork button to add art to the collection
  • Type in Description if desired
  • Select Cover Image to represent the collection by clicking the star icon below a thumbnail 
  • click Save button

NOTE: If you want your new collection to show on your navigation bar and not be listed with your other collections under your paintings category (Works), set Hide In Portfolio to YES.

To display your card/print collection with the rest of your collections under the Works category, leave Hide In Portfolio set to NO.


You can also assign artwork to the new collection, as follows:

  • click on Artwork icon (upper row)
  • click on thumbnail image (left column) or the word Edit (right column) for a particular image
  • for Collection option, click the drop-down arrow
  • select the collection name 
  • Save Changes
  • repeat for each artwork

NOTE: An individual image can only be assigned to one collection. If you have a piece already in one collection and you wish to add it to your Card/Prints collection you will need to upload the image again to assign the image to the Card/Prints collection.

Option 2 - Use a Separate Info Page for Cards/Prints

First Step:
set up a single Page within the Pages Category

  • FASO account Control Panel
  • click More Categories (left hand column)
  • click Pages (right column)
  • click Add New  (a new edit page will open)
  • Add a Title for the page 
  • Add your text
  • Add image(s) in the text editing screen (place cursor in text editing screen where you want image to go; click on image gallery icon (mountains & sun icon on far right); follow instructions)
  • Click ADD to Save

NOTE: you can also add a PayPal custom button to this page.
See this FAQ: Add Custom Paypal Button to a Page

Second Step:
Add the new page to your navigation bar:

  • click on Navigation Menu (left menu bar)
  • click on Page (bottom of left column)
    the drop down will expand - displaying your page title(s).
  • click on / or drag your new Page Title to the Menu Structure column to the right
    (You will now see it listed with other categories currently displayed on your website)
  • *you can also drag current navigation categories seen in the Menu Structure column, [up or down], to reorder them if desired.
  • When finished, Click on the green SAVE button (upper right).

Option 3 - add Availability Info of cards/prints to the Description Text Field

  • log into FASO account control panel
  • click Artwork icon (top row)
  • click on thumbnail image (left column) or the word Edit (right column) for a particular image
  • scroll down
  • enter text about card/prints in Description text field
  • Save Changes

Option 4 - Use a Print on Demand Service

Print on demand (POD) is a printing technology and business process in which copies of a book (or other document) are not printed until an order has been received, allowing books to be printed singly, or in small quantities.

There are a number of Print on Demand services out there to choose from including:

  • Image Kind
  • Cafe Press
  • Artspan
  • Fine Art America (FAA)

A Google search will lead you to even more. FASO does not currently offer a Print on Demand service.

Here are some examples of artists using Print On Demand services on their FASO websites.

Option 5 - Custom Buy Now Buttons offering Multiple Choices

These artists have set up a custom shopping cart in their PayPal accounts so they can offer prints in multiple sizes with drop down options.

Selling prints at multiple sizes/prices can be done quite nicely, and requires some work in both your Paypal account and your FineArtStudioOnline Control Panel.

Following these steps, a couple of our FASO client's have set up their sites to allow for purchasing an item that has multiple sizes/prices/choices. You can see it in action on the following artist sites:

NOTE: each of the above artists are using collections for their prints. They have omitted the price from the retail field for each print image and used a custom PayPal shopping cart button.

This leaves the option open to still use the FASO buy now button and shopping cart for other single works of art. You can see this on Anita Gersch Equine Art.

  • Click Here to see the Print offered using PayPal custom button.
  • Click Here you see an Original Painting offered using FASO buy now button

For a tutorial on how to, see this FAQ:
Add a Buy Now Button with Multiple Choices

Option 6 - List Prices in Collection Description

You can simply list print prices in the Collection Description box. This simple but straightforward approach is attractive and works nicely.

See SarahHarless.com as an example.

There is quite a bit of information here to consider.  As you can see there are many options for selling prints and notecards.  How you choose to proceed is a personal preference. 

Once you decide how you want to present your prints you can let FASO Support know. We can then provide more detailed instructions if needed.


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