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FASO did not notify me of my PayPal sale. What's up?

PayPal Notification

Notifications of sales from your website will be emailed to you directly from Paypal. 

The sales part of a website is between the artist and Paypal (or whatever eCommerce solution the artist has chosen to use). 

We simply enable integration of Paypal as an option. 

Once a buyer clicks 'Go to checkout' it's totally outside of the FASO system, hence out of our control.

If you did not receive notification of a sale, please contact PayPal for assistance.

When someone makes a purchase through a buy now button on your website, you will receive an email from PayPal that contains all the info you need regarding the sale, including buyer's name, email address and shipping address.

When you receive the email from PayPal, it is a courtesy to contact the buyer and let them know you appreciate their purchase and provide them with an idea of when it will be shipped. You can also contact them again letting them know it is in the mail and when they should to expect arrival.

PayPal will also let you know that the money from the sale is in your PayPal account.

Please contact PayPal if you have questions regarding your sales and payments.

The Paypal email you receive will have this type of descriptive content.

African Violets in Pot [title] by M Robinett [artist]
Item# 13459_1499950_51888_work

  • The first group of numbers is your FASO account number.
  • The second is the FASO image number.
  • The third group is the shopping cart id number.

Since we do not handle any aspect of the sale of your art, we also do not have any records of sales made through a FASO website.

FASO does not take any percentage of sales (as Paypal does). 


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