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How to Edit an Existing Custom Button in PayPal, such as to Change a Price

If you created a custom button in paypal and need to make a change to the button, follow these steps:

  • log in to your PayPal account
  • click on Tools (top of the page)
  • select All Tools
  • Click PayPal buttons
  • Click View your saved buttons (upper right)
  • click Action to the right of a button name
  • You will see these drop-down options:
    • Edit button
    • View code
    • Create similar button
    • Delete button
    • Create new button

  • select Edit button
    (this brings up your original payment button information)
  • make the change(s)
  • Save Changes
  • new HTML code is created
  • Click on the 'Select Code' button
  • copy the code (make sure you get it all)

Replace the code in your FASO account:

  • log into FASO account control panel
  • go to the Editing screen for the page you need to replace the button on
  • click on HTML (top edge of text box)

OR this icon...

  • locate the original code 
  • paste in the new code in place of the existing button code
  • click Update
  • Save Changes

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