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How to Enable Instant PayPal Notifications

To enable Instant PayPal Notifications:

  • log in to your PayPal account
  • click on Profile (upper right)

  • select Profile and settings (if you have more than one available option)

  • click on My selling tools (left menu bar)

  • click on Update to the right of Instant payment notifications | Integrate PayPal payment notifications with my website.

  • Click on Choose IPN Settings

Adjust a setting in your FASO account:

  • from FASO account Control Panel
  • Click Commerce icon (far right on upper row)
  • for field 'BETA - Automatically Mark Originals Sold', select Yes
  • Save Changes

Here is additional information on this feature.

If a client purchases a piece that meets the following conditions, it will be automatically marked sold:

  • The type is Original
  • The Availability is Available
  • The Number Available for Sale is not more than 1 [1 is the default]
  • IPN (Instant payment notification) is enabled on your Paypal account.

After the sale is completed, Paypal notifies FASO of the sale and we mark the piece sold.

For more info on Artwork Availability Options, see this FAQ:
Artwork Availability Options

NOTE: This feature will not mark a piece as sold until the buyer has actually checked out on Paypal. Just placing it in the shopping cart does not affect the status.

A CAVEAT: Paypal sometimes takes a couple of minutes to send the notification. So the piece might not appear to be sold for a minute or two.

The developers are currently testing another method involving when the customer returns from Paypal that will mark the piece(s) sold as soon as the client returns, so it appears immediate.

The code for the "immediate" return case is written, we just want to test it a bit more. Both pieces of code will stay in place, so if the client for some reason does NOT return, the piece(s) will still get marked sold via the IPN method.


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