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Delete Trashed Email Message on All Devices

Let's say you get your FASO email on your iPad, iPhone and desktop computer. Here's how to delete a trashed email on all devices at once:

From iPhone and/or iPad:

  • click Email icon
  • select your email account (if you have more than one)
  • go to Inbox
  • click Edit (top right of column)
  • select emails to be deleted by clicking in the round circle on left
  • select Trash (bottom right)

In order for the email to be deleted on all devices, now you need to empty Trash:

  • go to Trash folder
  • select Edit (top right of column)
  • click Delete All
  • click Delete All (again)

NOTE: this process depends upon what OS (Operating System) you are using. This was tested on iOS 10.3.

When you login to your desktop email account the emails will be gone. If for some reason they are still there, just be sure to refresh your browser window.

If you use a desktop client like Apple Mail and the above doesn't work, there's most likely a setting in your desktop client (e.g. Apple Mail) that needs adjusting.

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