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Set Up Email for Mobile, Apple Mail etc - Tips

When setting up your FASO email account to work on your mobile device, desktop program etc, we have some advice.

Especially if you have any issues, be sure to start with this page: help.emailsrvr.com

Here are some tips:

  1. Our email provider, Rackspace, highly recommends that you use IMAP not POP.
  2. When prompted for your Password, be sure to enter it manually each time, just to be sure (meaning your email account Password, which may be different from your FASO control panel Password).
  3. Each and every time you're prompted for Username, be sure to enter your full FASO email address such as:


Don't trust it to auto-fill, even if it seems like it should remember. This has caused many a setback.

One client using Apple Mail says that after you enter your email (as Username) and password and "click Sign In, you get a dialogue box that, in red, has an error message. It makes it seem like you've goofed, but you haven't! You just need to fill ALL fields in the dialogue box" ... (and carry on.) (Thanks Stephanie!)

These pages may be useful as well:

(this drops you into the setup tool)

(if you only need the port info)

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