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Can I hide my new website while building it?

When you sign up for a FASO free trial website account, our service automatically sets up a website template with your name in the header. There is no actual content on the site until you start uploading your at and entering bio info.

This brand new website is immediately live on the web.

Keep in mind that your new site will not come up in Google or the other the search engines. The only people who will access it are those you give the website address to, meaning the system domain/subdomain we give you, based on your login username, like so:

It is highly unlikely that anyone else will find your site.

Once you activate your account (meaning to become a paying member), you can register a personalized domain (such as YourName.com). Then you can start promoting your site using the custom domain.

NOTE: It can take 6-8 weeks for search engines to list your new domain. It takes time to get real exposure through the search engines.

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