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Sites are Online from the Start, but Not Really Public

When you open your FASO free trial account, we give you a blank website that is already public. Your site has to be online in order for you to work on it. If you were hoping to keep it offline until it was finished, we apologize; there's no way to remove it from the internet.

However, keep in mind that your new site will not come up in Google or the other the search engines. The only people who will find it are those you give the website address to, meaning the system domain/subdomain we give you, based on your login username such as: www.Username.faso.com

It is highly unlikely that anyone will find your site unless you share that subdomain. Once you activate your account (meaning to become a paying member), you can register a personalized domain (such as YourName.com) and start promoting your site with the custom domain.

It can take 6-8 weeks for search engines to list your new domain, so it will take time to get real exposure through the search engines.

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