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After Your Account is Created, What's Next

As soon as you open your FASO account, you can begin building and customizing your website. 

First, let's make sure you are logged into your FASO account Control Panel, your dashboard.  You have the following options for logging in:

Login from FASO.com

  • go to faso.com
  • click on LOGIN (upper right)

  • Enter your username or email address and your password
  • click Sign In

Login from your live website page

  • access your website at {{yourusername.faso.com}}
  • click Edit My Site
    (often located at bottom left, but will vary depending on template)
  • Enter your username or email address and your password.
  • click Sign In

Get Started with a Few Simple Steps

Once you are logged in, you start building your site.

You can easily follow the steps listed in the center of the Control Panel Home Page by clicking on the gray buttons to the right of each step (as shown in this screenshot):

Other Actions to Take

From your FASO account Control Panel you can always:

(click on the blue links to access specific FAQs)

Click here for general advice about ways to find help and get answers.


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