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Image Size vs Resolution

Image Size is the dimension - length and width - of an image in digital format. This can be measured in pixels (px), the format we use, or inches etc.

Image Resolution, or dpi, is the amount of dots per square inch of an image when it is printed.

The difference between the two is that image size designates how large your image will be viewed on monitors, and resolution reflects printer quality.

See our FAQ Here for info on what size your images should be to upload to your FASO Artwork portfolio. Our system will convert your images to 72dpi, which is needed for online viewing as well as to keep your images safe from shady viewers.

Pixels vs Megabytes you ask? The number of pixels in 1 MB might be
1024 X 512, or 486 X 360, depending on the image color mode. This page explains it more. And this article gives a nice little lesson.

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