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Many Short Visits in Stats

If you see many short visits to your site in your Analytics, often around 10 seconds each, this is most likely an internet bot, also called a googlebot, website crawler or spider.

In short, these are nothing to worry about; in fact, they are the search engines at work for you.

A simplified answer is that search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) periodically send out an electronic signal called a spider. This is how information is collected from your website and indexed so it can be found in internet searches.

The job of the spider is to surf the Internet and analyze links and other info, then send it back to the search engine database. It looks for relevant links, keywords worked into the text of a web page, site statistics, etc. The search engine then compiles the information the spider retrieves and indexes it by relevance.

For example, you might get multiple visits a day from Verizon Fios or from DigitalOcean

It's actually a good thing because otherwise, people would not be able to find your site through a search.

To learn more, see our FAQ: How Search Engines Work.

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