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Can my paintings be For Sale on the Boldbrush contest site?

FASO is constantly finding ways to assist you with marketing and selling your art.

When you enter the BoldBrush Online Competition, yes, by all means, you can indicate that a painting is for sale.

When visitors to the contest site decide to purchase a piece, they will be taken to YOUR website to complete the checkout process.

What this means is that YOU make the sale, and you get access to all the collector information for your own mailing list and future marketing efforts.
See this FAQ:
Track Sales and Customers

You need to have a FASO website in order for this feature to function.

Make sure you enable ecommerce in your FASO account control panel and add the retail price to the painting.
See this FAQ:
How do I use PayPal and display Add to Cart buttons?

Mark a Contest Entry "For Sale"

  • from your FASO account control panel
  • click the Contests icon (ribbon, upper row)
  • click Enter this contest below BoldBrush Painting Competition
  • agree to the terms (you will not be able to proceed until you have agreed)
  • click Enter an artwork
  • for How would you like to get your image to us?, choose either
    Select an existing image from your Portfolio
    Upload a new image
  • follow the prompts
  • under Sales, select Yes
  • when the info on the screen is complete, click Save these artwork details

Mark a Piece "For Sale" after Completing Entry

  • from your FASO account control panel
  • click the Contests icon (ribbon, upper row)
  • click  View Entries You've Already Made
  • hover over the entry to bring up options on the right
  • click Edit Entry Info
  • select Yes in the For Sale? field
  • Save Changes 

  • This screenshot shows the look of the Purchase button on the Competition website. Clicking on the button takes the buyer back to your website where the buyer then completes the transaction.

    Our plan, originally, was to take a very small percentage fee of that sale for the marketing, support and referral.  However, during the COVID19 crisis, we are waiving even that small fee.


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