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How to Get Featured on Page 1 of Artist Directory

When you go to the FASO Artist Directory, the 1st page shows a listing of selected artists as well as the links to the alphabetical listings of all FASO artists.

Over time, this 1st page has been referred to as:

  • Look Who's Using FineArtStudioOnline
  • Featured Artists
  • 100 selected top artist websites listed

It is now titled:
Selected artist websites listed

Artists featured on the 1st page of the Artist Directory are the choice of our company's founder, Clint Watson, who formerly owned a National gallery. Many of these accomplished artists are artists he has worked with in the past.

Artists who have submitted favorable testimonials are often shown on the 1st page of the Artist Directory on a random basis. We recommend that you send us a favorable testimony (via a Support Ticket). 

Your testimonial will be posted here:
What Artists Say About FineArtStudioOnline

Being featured on the 1st page of the Artist Directory is based on a number of factors.

Factors include but not limited to:

  • providing us with a testimonial (via a Support Ticket)
  • being featured in Informed Collector
  • various site statistics
  • client loyalty (ie clients who have been with us longer/have earned more "points")
  • a 'randomness element' that fluctuates

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