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How do I add icon links to my social media profiles?

You can add social media icons to your website that will link back to the following social media platforms:

First, obtain the URL (web address) of your social media profile.

Copying the url from your browser's address bar is the easiest way to get your social media profile url.

***See below for additional assistance.

To add the url to your FASO account:

  • login to FASO account Control Panel
  • click Social icon (upper row)

  • click Add Icon Links to Your Social Media Profiles to Your Website

  • paste the URLs into the correct fields for your various social media accounts
  • check Yes to show icon (below the url field)
  • click Save Changes

Examples of how the icons appear on live websites (detail views):

***If you need assistance tracking down your social media profiles, these articles may help:

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by Digitech Branding

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