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Difference Between Artwork and Images Folders

In the upper row of your control panel, you will see 2 separate folders for images.

  • Artwork
  • Images

Every image you upload will go into one of these 2 folders no matter where they are used on your site.


The Artwork folder is for images of your art. 

Images uploaded to this folder will automatically display on your live website in the Works category: YourDomainName.com/works

Images uploaded to Artwork will also show up in:

If you do not want your images showing up in either one yet, you can upload them to Images.
See: How do I upload and edit non-art images?

Then move them over to the Artwork portfolio when you are ready (instructions below).

For more info, see this FAQ:
Can I block certain images from the Daily Art Show?


The Images folder is for any image that you do not want to show in your artwork portfolio on your live website.

These images are often non-art images but not always.

These may be images of

  • you, the artist
  • images for your About the Artist page (that you do not want in your Works Portfolio)
  • images that show a piece of work in progress
  • framed image of art (that you add as a secondary image to the Artwork Description)  *See this FAQ:  Add Image to Text Editing Screen
  • a show invitation postcard
  • images for your blog (that you do not want in your Works Portfolio)
  • images for your newsletter (that you do not want in your Works Portfolio)

Images in this folder can also be excluded from the watermark.
See: How do I upload and edit non-art images?

Move Images from one folder to the other

To move image(s) from Artwork Portfolio to the Images folder:

  • from FASO account Control Panel
  • click on Artwork icon (upper row)
  • click on the image (left column) or the word Edit (far right)
  • click on Take out of art portfolio and move to images

To move image(s) from Images folder to Artwork Portfolio:

  • from FASO account Control Panel:
  • click on Images icon (upper row)
  • click on the image or the word Edit to open editing screen
  • click on Move this image into your artwork portfolio

More Info

For more info, see the following FAQs

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