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"MyInformedCollector" New Art Alerts

Increase your Get New Art Alerts followers.

"MyInformedCollector" New Art Alerts was first rolled out on our BoldBrush Painting Competition

We now offer "MyInformedCollector" New Art Alerts on all 3rd generation templates (see screenshots below).

This exciting feature allows a collector to sign up to follow (via email) any FASO artist and get automated alerts when that artist posts new artwork.

NOTE: When an artist uploads new art images in a batch upload (uploading multiple images in one fell swoop), only one New Art Alerts email is sent to the collector. The New Art Alerts email includes all of the images that were uploaded in that day.

Here is a screenshot of what the button looks like on a BoldBrush contest entry.

Get New Art alerts are basically automatic newsletters that are sent every time you post (upload) new art to your website. They work great especially if you post new art regularly, since they don't require the time and effort of more traditional newsletters.

NOTE: See this FAQ if you are using this feature but need to upload art that you don't want an alert sent out about:
How to Prevent Artwork Uploads from Sending New Art Alerts to Your Followers

Increase your 'Get New Art Alerts' followers.

  • Encourage people to sign up for new art alerts at:   http://(yourdomain).com/follow
  • Enter the BoldBrush Competition - there's a Get New Art Alerts button next to each entry
  • Ask people to vote for your BoldBrush contest entries. When they do, they can sign up to Get New Art Alerts with 1 click (super effective)
  • Encourage folks to sign up for new art alerts on your social media channels

Scroll to the bottom of your website to see the link that reads "Get New Art Alerts" with the small closed-envelope icon.

When you click on the icon, this screen comes up:

You do not get notified when someone signs up for this.
You do get notification when someone subscribes to your full featured email newsletter.

If someone replies to an Art Alert email, you will not receive the reply. 

Art Alert emails are sent by FASO using our "no reply" email address. The "no reply" email address doesn't accept incoming email and thus it won't notify the artist in any way.

If you wish to hide the New Art Alerts feature, do the following:

  • from FASO account control panel
  • click Design icon  (upper row)
  • click Advanced, faint link, far upper right
  • click Custom CSS
  • add:
    /* Hide My Informed Collector Link */
    .myic {display:none;}
    .faso-myic-profile {display:none;}
  • click Save Changes
  • click Preview website to see the update

NOTE: This only prevents new subscribers. Notices will still be sent to any current followers.

Also see these FAQs:


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