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Migration Promotional Offer

Sign Up for a Yearly Plan with FASO and we'll help you move the content of your existing website for free!

Moving your old website content to your new FASO website can be daunting and time consuming.

We would love to help you with this project!

Take advantage of our limited-time offer to "Switch to FASO and Get 6 Powerful Marketing Tools. We'll Also Help You Move Your Website for Free" whereby we do the migration/transfer of content from your existing website to your new FASO site.

You'll also get 6 Powerful Marketing Tools to assist you in promoting and selling your artwork.

Client Requirements

  • Sign up for a Free Trial and activate your account (become a paying member) with a 1 year Gold or Platinum Plan.
    (If you're already in a free trial, just Activate your account paying for the first year at the Gold or Platinum Yearly level - for which you receive a nice discount).
  • Open a support ticket and let us know you are interested.

Our Migration Specialist will be in touch to work with you personally and will inform you of the requirements that we need from you to get the migration process started.

Migration Process Includes:

  • Uploading up to 50 images (including info about the art - title, medium, dimensions, price)
    Additional images that you want us to upload for you are $1 each
  • Bio Info
  • Main Page Info
  • A link to any existing (non-FASO) blog (not a copy/paste of blog posts)
  • Icon links to any social media platforms you use


We only migrate basic pages.

  • Blog Post content, Workshop info, Event info and other special pages are not included.
  • If you have a separate blog (such as Blogspot), we're happy to add a link to it.
  • Anything above and beyond adding basic page content and up to 50 images is considered billable custom work ($50/hour).

Note: We never apply extra charges without first consulting with you and getting your approval.


Your original, existing site must NOT be taken offline.

  • Do NOT start the transfer of your domain name
  • Do NOT change the DNS (Domain Name Servers) on your domain

The 6 Powerful Marketing Tools referred to above.

1. We'll promote your new website in our Informed Collector New Artists newsletter.

The Informed Collector New Artists newsletter reaches over 21,000 collectors who are eager to discover new talent. It's a great way to drive qualified collectors to your new FASO website.

2. We'll automatically market your artwork for you in our Daily Art Show newsletter.

Just upload new artwork to your FASO artist website and we'll promote it the very next day in the Daily Art Show which reaches over 70,000 collectors and art enthusiasts.

3. We'll automatically build a list of collectors and email them about new artwork.

Every FASO artist site comes with MyInformedCollector Automatic Marketing Integration. This dynamic set of features lets your site automatically build a list of collectors interested in your work, even while you sleep. Better yet, you don't have to lift a finger. Every time you upload new art to FASO, the system sends your collectors a gorgeous, professional-looking email informing them that you have new artwork for sale.

4. We'll add you to our FASO Member Directory.

Visitors who click on your FASO Member Directory listing go directly to your FASO artist website. It's not uncommon for artists to receive dozens of visits a day from our member directory.

5. We'll give you free entries into our prestigious BoldBrush Painting Competition.

Every month you'll receive free entries into our BoldBrush Painting Competition, which is juried by world-renowned artists. Winners are promoted in our Informed Collector newsletter, reaching thousands of art collectors and art enthusiasts looking for the very best artists to collect.

6. We also put the power of email marketing right in your hands.

Every FASO artist website includes our Artful Mail newsletter system. This is the same newsletter platform that we use to create and send our own newsletters.


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