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Premium Support

FASO Premium Support is a phone appointment with one of our specialists to help you with technical issues that are not part of the FASO product but that you may want expert help with.  It is $50/hour with a $50 minimum charge.  It's a white glove premium experience where we work with you and hand-hold you through each step.  Note - anything that is actually the FASO product itself includes free standard support.

Examples include:

* Helping you configure your iPhone or email device to work with a FASO email account
* Walking through your site and making specific technical and marketing recommendations and assisting you make those changes
* Helping you design and understand a social media strategy
* Site Reviews
* SEO Consultations
* Installing 3rd party code help via phone
As an example of the difference regarding a FASO email account:

FASO Standard support would assist with setting up the email account, ensuring that the DNS is working properly, ensuring that you can login and use email via the FASO webmail interface.  We also provide guides and tutorials for setting up FASO email on many devices and thrid-party email clients.  All of that support comes free with your FASO account.

FASO Premium support would be a 1-on-1 phone call with an email and device expert to help you specifically set up your iphone's mail program (as an example) work with FASO email.  Typically this would be a $50 charge.

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