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Images Showing in Recent Works Sidebar Widget

Recent Works are Latest Uploads

It is not possible to choose the images that show in the Recent Works Sidebar Widget

The widget displays the most recently uploaded artwork images.

This feature is lighter and simpler than the full website, hence it's difficult to add customization to the way the widget functions. 

You have 4 options:

1. Re-upload the images that you want to appear in the widget so that they are the last images uploaded.

2. Submit a support ticket and request that FASO Support change the title from Recent Works to something like Featured Works or Samples of My Art.

3. Turn the widget off, as follows:

  • login to FASO account Control Panel
  • click Design icon (upper row)
  • click Advanced (faint link, top right)
  • click Sidebar Widgets (Beta)
  • highlight/select [[WIDGET_SIDEBAR_RECENT_WORKS]]
  • click Remove Selected button below
  • click Save Changes

4. Choose a different template.

The Recent Works Widget is only available on a select few templates. See this FAQ: Sidebar Widgets are not Supported on all Templates


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