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Which Templates Show Recent Works Widget

Designs with Recent Works, placement & how many images

The following templates support the Recent Works widget. The widget may appear at the bottom or side, on all pages or just the home/main page, depending on template.

Here are the template names, widget placement, which pages & how many images:

Josef (bottom left, every page, 6 images)
Norman (bottom left, main page only, 3+3 in slideshow)
Redmond (bottom left, main page only, 8 images)
Sierra (bottom center, main page only, 6 images)
Williamsburg (right side-bar, every page, 6 images in slideshow)
Artfully Avant (bottom left, every page, 6 images)
Seattle Sleekness (bottom left, every page, 4 images)

Sample site using Sierra:

06302020 jyc

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