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Newsletter Subscriber Segments

FASO offers a way to separate your subscribers into separate lists allowing you to send your newsletter to a specific group or to your entire list of subscribers.

Manage Segments

  • from home screen of FASO account Control Panel
  • click Newsletter icon (upper row)
  • click Subscribers
  • click Manage Segments

From here you can:

  • Add Segments: click create new
  • Delete Segments: click Trash Can icon
    (to the left of the segment)
  • Rename / Edit Segment Label: click the Pencil icon
    (to the left of the segment)

  • To close the pop up window, click the X in the upper right corner 

To Add and Remove Subscribers: 

  • To the right of the subscriber's name, hover over the Segments column.
  • click on the pencil icon that appears

  • check the box to the left of the segment
  • click Update

NOTE: You are limited to creating 26 segments (in addition to the included Default Segments).

Default Segments included are:

  • VIP
  • Purchaser
  • Collector
  • Artist
  • Gallery
  • Student

You cannot Edit the Default Segments.

To Send

Send your newsletter normally. See this FAQ:
How to Create and Send a Newsletter

Once you have sent the test, the Sending Screen will display buttons for each segment you have created. Choose the segment to send to or send to the enter list.

When you click on Send to All Subscribers Now, this screen comes up:

Click Yes to send to entire list.

NOTE: Down the road, we plan to allow a user to combine Segments to create a list to send a newsletter to.  

For now, it is limited to either sending to the entire subscriber list or sending to one Segment at a time.


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