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Fine Art Views - How to Submit an Article

We feature articles/ blog posts in our Fine Art Views newsletter that are written by FASO members. 

Our amazing and talented group of artists not only create inspirational artworks, the words they write are equally noteworthy and are often beneficial to a large audience of art enthusiasts. 

We are not able to publish articles from outside writers since we have a large collection of member articles from which to choose. 

Please understand that you will see articles from guest authors. These authors have been on the editor's list for a long time and are grandfathered in, so to speak.

Submission Process

In order to submit an article, write your article as a blog post using your FASO blog. During the publication process, select the topic your post is about, then select Yes. 

You can click here for this FAQ on posting to your blog:
Set Up and Use Your Blog

Here are the steps, for submitting an article, including screen shots:

  • When you are ready to publish your FASO blog post, click Save and Publish as Public Article button

You will now see the following screen, with these options:

  • One of your artworks
  • Exhibit/Show announcement
  • Inspirational Art-related story
  • Art Marketing ideas/thoughts
  • Thoughts on the struggle of life as an artist
  • A demo
  • Workshop that I am teaching
  • Other - does not fit into above categories

  • Select one of the Topics
    In this example, we've highlighted that the post is an "Art Marketing " post - the perfect type of story for FineArtViews.
  • Hit Submit
    The following screen comes up:

  • select Yes
  • click Submit button  
  • The final screen that comes up allows you to
    share on Facebook
    and/or Send your Post as an Artful Mail newsletter
    and/or click Exit

Your post will publish to your blog normally.

It will also be put on a list for the FineArtViews editors to review for possible inclusion.  

If your post is selected for publication, it will give your blog post much more attention and likely generate a nice traffic bump on your blog, since the newsletter will link back to your original post. 

You retain all copyrights to your post and we will attribute you as the writer.

About Fine Art Views

Fine Art Views is all about art marketing ideas, straight talk about selling art, marketing, inspiration & fine living.

Fine Art Views provides an eclectic combination of articles about all things art. From creativity and success tips to artist reviews and art marketing plan ideas that really work. Example articles might feature website marketing tips, ideas from famous artists, lessons from art history.

If we do choose to publish your article in FineArtViews , it will benefit from exposure to over 48,000 subscribers. Best of all, you retain the copyrights to your post. All you're granting us is a license to use it online.  So when you're ready to write your best-selling book, all your rights are intact!

Our editors are looking for stories about art marketing, inspiration, struggles that artists face and fine living.  

We won't publish things like exhibit announcements, daily paintings, workshops, demos, etc.  If you're a FASO member we have other ways to promote those types of posts, so please don't submit them for FineArtViews.

If you want an idea of the type of things FineArtViews features, visit 


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