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Newsletter Fonts - How to Edit

Artful Mail templates have 2 main text blocks:

  • heading blocks
  • paragraph blocks

The default font for both is Verdana.

The default font size for a heading block is 24px.
The default font size for a paragraph block is 15px.

Heading Block screenshot

Text Block screenshot

There are 2 ways to change the font family and font size.

in Text Box Content Section

  • from newsletter draft
  • activate a content section
  • highlight the text
  • in the small tool box above text box you will see font options for:
    font family (use down arrow)
    font size (use down arrow)
    color: the capital A's for Text Color and Text Background Color (use down arrow)
    Style: Bold, Italics, Underlined
    Alignment: Left, Center, Right, Justified
  • Edit your text using these tools
  • Save

in Edit Advanced Styles

  • in your newsletter draft
  • Click on Edit Advanced Styles (bottom of left column)
  • You will see 4 control boxes
    Content Styles
    Global Fonts
    Header Styles
    Footer Styles
  • click the + icon for Global Fonts to open the options
  • Use the controls to modify fonts for Heading Font and Body Font
  • click Apply when done

NOTE: We cannot add additional fonts because not all email clients will support those fonts. The newsletter would not render properly in any font not listed as an option.

This applies to both Artful Mail 2 and Artful Mail 3 (released in early 2020).


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