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Can I use a prepaid gift card or credit card for my FASO payment?

A lot of prepaid credit cards and gift cards can only be used for one time purchases. If your card is one of these, our secure billing system will reject it since our service is based on recurring payments.

In order to use a prepaid credit card or gift card for your FASO bill, you will need to make sure that the card can be used for an Automated Monthly Payment (even if you are only going to use it for one monthly payment).

Sometimes on prepaid cards our system requires the actual billing address of the company that holds the card. Since it is not a standard debit card theoretically, you are not billed.

Some prepaid cards require using the name on the card. NOT your name but the name of the FINANCIAL INSTITUTION of the card merchant.

You can contact the merchant that provided the card to double check billing details. Ask them what you need to use as the Name on the card and the Billing address.


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