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Login Password Restrictions

The FASO account Login Password is limited to 80 characters.

The FASO system does not support

  • quotations marks
  • double quotations marks
  • apostrophe
  • hyphen
  • ampersand
  • hashtag
  • dollar sign
  • percentage
  • copyright symbol

Please do not use the above characters. If you use the above characters, when you attempt to login you will be redirected to ask.com.

The redirect is our system protecting itself against what might be an attack, since hackers use a combination of numbers, letters and special characters.

You will need to reset your password.
See this FAQ: Forgot Login Info? How to Reset Password

NOTE: There may be some additional special characters that our system does not support. It is best to avoid special characters for your Login Password.

An exclamation mark is okay.


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