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I am seeing unwanted links and ads on my site. What's up with this?

FASO doesn't put ads on anyone's website.

The most common cause of unwanted ads/links is a computer virus called Malware, more specifically, on the browser you're using.

A good way to verify that this issue is on your computer and not your website is to view your website on a different computer and in a different browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc). 

More Info on Malware

People tend to have a habit of clicking on everything without giving it much thought and end up with malware mainly because they are unaware of the threat.

Also a lot of malware comes through vulnerabilities in Flash and pdf documents.

We do the following to keep malware at bay:

  • keep Flash disabled
  • run Chrome as the internet browser
  • don't open pdfs unless you know exactly why you are getting it and are confident it is from a HIGHLY trusted source
  • never execute or download programs sent to you (again unless knowing for sure it's reputable)
  • run malware and antivirus checks all the time


1. You'll need to do a scan of your computer or have a computer technician take a look for you.

The Malware will need to be cleaned out which may require that you uninstall and reinstall the browser to fix it.

2. These ads can also be caused by an add-on or plug-in on your browser.

For example, using Firefox, there is a plug-in called Easy Inline. You can find more info on these pages:

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