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How do I manually post a reader comment to my blog?

The only way to add a reader's comment to your published blog is to Comment on your blog as any visitor would do.

This is helpful if you accidentally deleted a blog comment within the email notification sent by FASO (as long as you still have the original notification email sent by our system).

Access the comment in the notification email. Copy the comment. Then go to your public website and post the comment as any visitor would. Be sure to include their name and website address if applicable.

  • go to your live website
  • click on Blog (in navigation bar)
    (OR click on the individual post in the Recent Blog Posts widget)
  • click on the individual post
  • click on Comment on this (top of post)
    OR scroll down to Leave a Comment
  • enter your reader's Name, Email, Website and Comment to the Comment Box fields

Comment Box section will look like this:

If you do not have the original email sent from FASO containing the blog comment, it is gone and cannot be retrieved.

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