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Event RSVP using Google Forms

You can create a RSVP for your event using Google Forms.

To create the RSVP:

  • Go to Google Forms:  https://docs.google.com/forms/u/0/
  • Start a New Form (+ icon bottom right)
  • Click the RSVP template icon at the top
  • Click on each section to edit and add your own info
  • Click the trash icon to remove any unwanted sections
  • Click the dotted icon in the top middle of a section to drag it into a different position
  • In the upper right, click the palette icon to change the background color.
  • Click the eye icon to preview the form.
  • Click the Settings icon to request that email addresses be collected, that visitors can edit their responses, edit your confirmation message, etc. UNCHECK the box that says: Requires Sign In.

There are also some small icons on the right where you can:

  • Add a question
  • Add a title and description
  • Add image
  • Add video
  • Add section

To receive email notifications from Google when someone responds:

  • Click Responses on the form
  • Click the Settings icon (3 vertical dots)
  • Click Get email notification for new responses

When the form is ready, click SEND.

Send via
click the brackets icon < >

Embed HTML
click COPY

To add it to your event on your FASO website:

  • From your FASO account control panel
  • Access the page / Event - where you want to add the RSVP form
  • click on HTML (in small tool bar just above text editing box)
  • Paste the code
  • Click Update
  • Save Changes

NOTE: if the form is cut off on the side and the bottom, you can change width in the html code to 100% and the height to 800 (or whatever is needed). Adding the 100% width also allows the form to work on mobile devices.


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