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How do I add a live, clickable link to some text?

NOTE: It is good to 'grab' (copy) the link (the url / website address) you wish to insert BEFORE starting the process below. The best way to grab this link is to open the site (or page) you want to link to. Copy the address that appears in the address bar (Ctrl/C). Go back to your FASO control panel and insert it using these instructions:

  • log in to FASO Control Panel
  • click on the category or page where you want to add the link
  • Enter some text such as Click here for more info
  • Select/highlight your text 
  • click the Insert/edit Link icon (in small toolbar above the text box - looks like a chain link)
  • A new window pops up, looks like this:

  • paste (Ctrl/V) the url/web address in the Link URL field
  • Optional: for external sites, you can set Target to Open in new window
    NOTE: Click Here for our FAQ:
    Should I set my hyperlinks to open in a new window?
  • click Insert
  • click Save Changes
This procedure also works for adding a link to an image that has been inserted in the Text Box editing screen. Just click on the image instead of clicking on text.

To add a clickable link to an image, see this FAQ:
Add a Link to an Image

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