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Install Custom SSL Certificate on Your Site

How to Request SSL

FASO supports Custom SSL on all FASO plans at no additional charge. 

NOTE: You need to be a paying member in order for us to enable SSL on your website.
Click Here for the FAQ on How to Activate Your Account.

Every FASO website comes with a Free 1-Click Custom SSL Certificate.
We'll obtain and renew the certificate for you as needed.

Once you set your website's primary domain (whether you registered it with FASO Domains or not), you're eligible for FASO's free SSL. 

If the domain is not registered with FASO, the only requirement is that you use our DNS / Domain Name Servers:

How to Enable / Request SSL on Your FASO Site

  • login to your FASO Control Panel
  • click Secure your website with Free 1-Click Custom SSL (left column, under Domains)

It usually takes 1 full business days to enable it. You can visit the same link in your FASO control panel at any time to check the status.

When the process is complete, you will receive an email, Subject Line:
SSL is Now Enabled on your FASO Website

What if you have more than one domain with your FASO Website?

All FASO domains come with a free SSL Certificate. There are no charges over and above the normal $20/year for each additional domain registered with FASO. In addition, the steps to implement SSL are always the same as outlined above. 

If you have more than one eligible domain, when you request SSL, we'll simply get SSL certificates for all your domains. If you've already installed SSL and later request an additional domain, simply repeat the same steps above, and we'll add any new domains to your SSL deployment.

The only time a domain is not eligible for FASO SSL is if you have already used the first free SSL certificate that comes with your site, and have additional domains elsewhere that are NOT registered via FASO. In that case, those domains would need to be transferred to FASO to become eligible.

What if I want to obtain my own third-party SSL Certificate?

While we don't see a reason for artists to pay extra for an SSL Certificate when we provide one free, we understand that you may have your own reasons.  

We don't currently support installing third-party SSL Certificates on a FASO website.  However, we do plan to add support for third-party SSL Certificates.


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