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What is Force SSL and How to Stop Forcing SSL

Once you request SSL, enabling usually takes 24 hours.

When the process is complete, you will receive an email, Subject Line:
SSL is Now Enabled on your FASO Website

You will be able to verify SSL by visiting your site at the following address:

You will notice a lock icon in your browser's address bar while browsing your website.

By default we Force SSL to all your visitors.

This means if a site visitor loads your old, non-secure web address, http://yourdomainname.com, or they click an old non-secure link, they will be automatically redirected to the secure https://yourdomainname.com

This also helps the search engines pick up the change.

If you do not wish to force viewers to load your site securely, the force SSL option can be disabled as follows:

  • log into your FASO control panel 
  • click Secure your website with Free 1-click custom SSL (left column)
  • click Stop Forcing SSL 

This allows visitors to access http://yourdomainname.com without it automatically switching to the secure site address at https.


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